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Crafting a Vibrant, Scenic Online Presence

At the heart of the picturesque Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, Dr. Jordan Walsh envisioned a dental clinic that not only offered comprehensive dental care but also mirrored the youthfulness and scenic beauty of its surroundings. Beyond Dental was born out of this vision, specialising in dental implant rehabilitations, orthodontics, IV sedation, wisdom teeth removal, comprehensive smile restoration, and general dental care. The challenge was formidable: to establish a robust online presence for a brand-new clinic in a competitive geographic location.

Dr. Walsh sought to create an environment at Beyond Dental that resonated with the golden beaches and breathtaking landscapes of the Bay of Plenty. The clinic was not just a place for dental care but a reflection of the area’s natural allure. However, the task of translating this physical ambiance into a digital identity was challenging, especially for a new player in a well-established field.

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  • Establishing an Online Presence
    As a new clinic, Beyond Dental needed to quickly establish itself online, especially in the Bay of Plenty region. The goal was to create a digital footprint that would not only attract new patients but also reflect the clinic’s unique environment and services.
  • Balancing Clinic Branding with Natural Environment
    The design of the website needed to harmoniously blend the clinic’s modern, vibrant branding with the serene and picturesque elements of the Bay of Plenty. This balance was crucial to convey the unique character of Beyond Dental.
  • Website Design and Development
    A thorough consultation process was conducted to capture Dr. Walsh’s vision. The website was meticulously designed to reflect the clinic’s youthful and lively ethos while also showcasing the natural allure of its location. This was achieved through a blend of contemporary design elements and imagery that resonated with the local scenery.
  • Comprehensive SEO Campaign
    A multi-faceted SEO strategy was implemented, involving in-depth keyword research, on-page optimisation, and strategic link-building efforts. The campaign was continuously monitored and refined to respond to changing trends and ensure maximum visibility in local search results.

The collaboration between Beyond Dental and our digital team exemplifies the power of a well-executed digital strategy. The clinic now stands as a testament to successful branding and SEO, effectively combining its unique physical appeal with a robust online presence.

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