Stand-out branding that attracts, delights and informs patients and clients of who you are

Using the power of visual storytelling, Total Medical Design have transformed dozens of medical and health brands over two decades.

Branding services from Total Medical Design are contemporary and will keep working hard for your business for many years to come.

Visual storytelling and branding are a vital part of medical and health marketing in the crowded and noisy online world. Our branding and design services are created with conversion and brand recognition in mind.

Brilliant branding that converts visitors into clients

Beyond simply logo design – branding is a full constellation of visual storytelling assets for print and digital distribution. Total Medical Design can help you to portray your unique vision and mission statement through brand storytelling.

Key questions that inform decisions for content development, design, social media presence and branding include:

  • “What sets your practice apart from others?”
  • “What services and Unique Selling Point (USP) does the practice wish to highlight?”
  • “Who is your target audience?”
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The process of defining and refining your brand:

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Identifying your Unique
Selling Point (USP)

What can you offer patients that they can’t get from other providers? This is your USP and it helps to set you apart from other practices and establishes memorable market differences. We help you to emphasise your ‘edge’ over the competition and work to your strengths. Once we have established your ‘IT’ factor or USP, we plan out how this can be communicated through multiple marketing channels.

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Defining Your
Target Audience

We assist you in identifying who your target audience is and what’s important to these people. Once we know your target demographic, we ensure that your brand strategy is tailored to their needs through analysing their pain points. That way your brand will speak directly with these people on an emotional level and get noticed over competitors!

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Using SEO to drive
traffic to your website

We incorporate relevant keywords into the content of your website in an organic and natural way. This ensures that your practice is primed and optimised for search engine results.

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Telling compelling
brand stories

Total Medical Design’s branding services can help your practice to share critical health information with patients and their families. We tell visual and written stories that connect with and inspire medical and health audiences. We tell stories that break down complex and sensitive information into clear and easy to understand messaging.

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Positioning your brand
as an industry leader

A strong brand kit including logo, print and digital assets is like the skeleton holding together a medical practice’s marketing. From this springs all other effective marketing tactics such as advertising. A robust brand kit will keep your practice front of mind for new clients.

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Similar Logos
Similar Logos

Frequently Asked Questions

Branding is a unique visual fingerprint that sets a business apart from all others. This is a memorable and predominantly visual form of marketing – a visual identity for your brand. In general, this involves a few pieces of kit including: several versions of a logo for use against light and dark backgrounds, brand guidelines for usage of the logo and fonts, and stationery designs such as letterheads, pamphlets or business card designs. This visual form of storytelling is transferable to print and digital formats. It is vital for medical and health businesses to have dynamic and striking branding or they may risk getting lost amongst the white noise of online competition. Total Medical Design have designed countless brand kits and we can help your business to stand out!

Yes of course, we specialise in creating stunning brand materials that uniquely represent your singular brand. Each logo and branding kit that we create is carefully crafted by our Creative Director Jeremy. Together, we will cultivate creative synergy that results in a suite of branding materials that will move your audience and set you apart from competitors.

Absolutely! At the start of the process we will send you a branding questionnaire which welcomes your ideas and input and requirements. If you have some sketches or designs, you can provide these as well.

Yes! If you wish, we can redesign your logo. However, we can go further than this and revamp your entire brand, revitalising and modernising your visual branding to ensure that it reaches new target audiences and resonates in a deeper way with clients and patients.

Yes! The designs that are created by Total Medical Design for your business belong completely to your business. All copyright is transferred over to your business following sign off for the designs.

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