Medical branding and packaging design with strong shelf appeal

Total Medical Design can help to put your unique stamp on your branding and packaging design.

We can help you to select the right combination of typography and colours that will resonate with your prospective customers or patients.

We enhance and build upon your existing brand identity. Yet we are not afraid to push the boundaries and challenge the norm with our packaging design.

Our tried and tested packaging design process includes:

Your Brief – Firstly, we gain clarity on your products, your desired audience, your content and design requirements and any specific goals you may have.

Research – We look at your audiences and stakeholders, including market competition, end-users and your reseller audiences.

Design Concepts – After these first steps, we work on the design of your packaging. At this point we can implement any cool new ideas you may have and include these in our design concepts.

Design Selection & Revision – We present you with a selection of designs and then we make any revisions and refinements required.

Signoff – Once you are 100% satisfied with your design, we will get your artwork print-ready and looking great with one of our trusted print providers and get this shipped to you.

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Examples of Packaging

When creating your product packaging design, we ensure that we combine all of the eye-catching and practical elements:

Engaging: Eye-catching and energising design that prompts action.

Simple: Clear design that conveys the benefits of the product or service to the audience.

Functional: Designed with the audience in mind and ‘does what it says on the tin’.

Scalable: A design that can be scaled-up and expanded in a broad variety of future branding and marketing contexts.

Practical: The design, shape, storage and transport of the design is factored into the production process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely we can! In the initial stages we will explore design several concepts, some of these can be based on your ideas and some ideas we may have.

Great packaging design can drive sales, build brand recognition and help prospective patients and new customers to build a complete understanding about your business – before they have even met you.

This will depend on our workload, if we do have a feasible amount of time, we will pull out all stops to get your designs ready within your deadline. To get a better idea of our urgent availability, either give Jeremy or Ray a call.

Total Medical Design are able to assist you from end-to-end with concepts, designs, mock-ups, printing and delivery of your completed packaging design.

We have several trusted and affordable printers whom we have worked with for many years. Once the design is signed off, we will supply the files to the printer taking care of the relevant files, bleed and assets. If there are any additional requirements, we will liaise directly with the printer to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly.

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