Social Media Marketing

Keep patients engaged and informed through Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Raise awareness of critical health issues of our time and engage with prospective patients in the online spaces where they gather: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, informing them of your services.

Total Medical Design can help your practice to connect with your local community and to build your brand with authenticity using social media platforms.

Grow your client base and tell positive stories about your practice on social media

During uncertain times, we can help you to communicate with a sensitive, clear and positive manner with the public on social media. We help and support you to share positive stories about your practice and to respond when there is risk to reputation, including negative feedback on social media.

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A sensitive, clear and measured approach to social media marketing

  • Engaging and thoughtful content that resonates with audience needs.
  • Timely response and triage of feedback on social media.
  • Clear communication of important health messages.
  • Assistance with creating positive brand stories to share on social media.
  • Adhering to social media best practice principles and regulatory requirements for health advertising in Australia.

Total Medical Design focus on natural organic growth of social communities around your medical and health practice, this can be amplified through a paid advertising strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Often it’s the case that medical practices don’t understand the importance of marketing. It’s also the case that this is an immense missed opportunity for them! If your medical practice could do with more clients, or more recurring bookings. If your business could do with more online shop sales or simply more passers-by being aware of your practice – then you should consider marketing from Total Medical Design! It’s powerful and can help you to meet your goals.

Social media reviews, Google reviews and review websites such as Rate MD offer clients a place to talk about bad experiences. This can be a potential risk to the reputation of your health practice. Total Medical Design can assist your team to put a strategy in place to address negative reviews and also to put in a strategy in place to drown out the review with newer more positive ones.

Total Medical Design can help to monitor and keep track of your social media accounts: Linked In, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, looking out for social mentions, brand mentions and conversations about your brand that you should be made aware of. We ensure that your social posts are engaging and resonate with your audience.

Digital marketing is a more general term used to describe a combination of SEO, link-building, social media marketing, along with paid advertising and non-paid digital marketing techniques that are designed to help grow your business. Social media marketing has a specific focus on growing communities and followers of your medical practice on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In.

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