Build trust and grow your practice with powerful medical and health copywriting

Every day, your patients are on Google looking for the answers to their health concerns. It’s possible to get your practice to the top of Google’s search engine results with high quality, credible and clear content about their health needs.
Great quality content writing will work hard for your practice for years to come, building trust with prospective patients and turning your practice into an authority on specific health issues.

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Engage new clients and reignite interest from existing ones

Great content has the ability to not only inform people of important health information, but also to inspire action. Our medical and health copywriters have many years of experience in communicating for the health sector and in simplifying complex medical terminology into layperson’s terms.

We strike a balance between informative yet tactful communications. Total Medical Design can assist your practice with impactful, clear compelling healthcare content that will engage with your patients and build brand loyalty. We specialise in:

  • Website content and SEO writing
  • Blogging and journal writing
  • Media releases
  • Advertorial and editorial feature stories
  • Short form social media stories
  • Short form product descriptions
  • Short form advertising copy
  • Video scripts
  • eNewsletters
  • Health promotion fact sheets
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Brochures and flyers

Clear health communication during Covid-19

The unexpected disruption of covid has upended ideas of how to communicate with patients and clients. This new world we find ourselves in requires a sensitive, proactive and well-informed approach to client communication and copywriting. Total Medical Design’s copywriter stays aware of the shifting government requirements regarding covid-19, along with the ever-changing regulatory and legal landscape of communicating about critical health issues in Australia.

Highlight your unique selling point (USP)

Total Medical Design will help your practice to emphasise your unique It factor and the selling point that sets you apart from competitors. Our copywriters understand how to tell your unique story, while also generating new patient registrations and building brand awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our copywriter will have an initial meeting with you, firstly to understand your practice, how to best structure the layout and pages of your website and then to understand the tonality in which you want your practice to be represented.

We will start writing a couple of pages for you and show you these beforehand, that way you can ensure that the tonality and style of writing represents how you want your services to be presented.

An option we provide to some of our medical practitioners, is where you provide the copy in a rough / bullet format. We can then take this and proof-read and edit the draft for you. This ensures that you retain the core messaging and elements you wish to keep, while we improve upon this and make the copy more engaging and audience-ready.

Total Medical Design will provide you with a fixed quote, working with you to determine the navigation / structure of your website. Based on this, we provide a quote, which also includes two rounds of edits. If the scope changes or there are new services to be added, we will simply confirm the cost on a per page basis.

Yes. We have two goals for your website copy. The first is to ensure that we make your website copy SEO-friendly (in other words, we make the website easily findable on Google). Secondly, we focus on the quality and relevance of your content for patients and casual visitors to your website. We ensure that we write this in a way that converts casual visitors into new patients.

We have been writing content for medical practitioners for over 10 years now. We have never once had an issue with our copy, and are well versed and up-to-date in the latest regulatory guidelines for advertising and promotion in Australia’s health and medical industry.

Health professionals or businesses advertising services in Australia must conform to the following:

In addition, if you sell health-related products or goods you must also comply with further legislation set out by the following regulators:

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