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Healthcare is quickly progressing in a patient-centric, digital manner. However, in a strictly regulated industry, it can be daunting to adapt to changing marketing trends.

Patients are digitally enabled in many areas and expect the same approach in healthcare. Many healthcare providers are now investing in new ways to communicate with their patients, such as niche communities, patient portals and forums.

By partnering with Total Medical Design, you will receive end-to-end digital marketing services and custom solutions to make your practice grow.

We believe that the most successful healthcare organisations build their marketing tactics based on a keen understanding of their patients and community, with a vision and a solid strategic plan to achieve it.

Medical marketing is specialised and challenging! Health practices need to approach compliance with care and due diligence to avoid regulatory penalties. Our unique team of marketing experts have the right experience to understand the ins and outs of regulatory healthcare. So, you can rest assured your practice is ethical and compliant.

At Total Medical Design, we focus on the patient experience with your practice and how to proactively position your practice within the overall community.

Check what our medical marketing expertise includes and we can customise it to suit your practice.

What we do:

Content Marketing: Great content is the key to capturing your customer’s attention. Total Medical Design’s copywriters craft dynamic copy that focuses on earning your customers’ attention and successfully prompting them to take the desired action.

Each practice is unique, so our content strategy is tailor-made to help leverage crucial decision-making moments by offering customers solutions to potential concerns.

See our range of expertise in content marketing:

  • Website content and SEO writing
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Blogging and journal writing
  • Advertorial and editorial feature articles
  • Newsletters
  • Client information and fact sheets
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Staff manuals
  • Marketing templates

Marketing Tools

Email Marketing:

Emails are a powerful tool that can reach and engage with your patients. Our email marketing strategy involves engaging content that nurtures leads, building customer retention and loyalty.

Total Medical Design can create an email marketing strategy that truly harnesses your brand’s personality and style. We are in the business of building meaningful relationships with your patients.


Social Media Strategy:

Today, the patient has the most powerful voice in healthcare. Our social media tactics focus on resolving the needs of the patient and offer solutions by interacting with them on their preferred platform.

You can rely on Total Medical Design to create engaging ad campaigns and online communities that drive digital engagement. Our tailor-made interactions will complement the personality of your practice and your patients.


Pay per click (PPC) advertising:

PPC successfully navigates the highly competitive field of healthcare advertising. Total Medical Design PPC management service directs the right traffic to your website, ensuring you only pay for the service when someone visits the website.

Our PPC strategy is cost-effective and flexible allowing you to monitor success.


Search engine optimisation

Patients are increasingly using the web to find medical and health related information; it is crucial that your practice develops a search engine optimisation strategy that allows you to be found when a potential customer conducts an online search.

Designed especially for medical practices and healthcare, our unique knowledge of the healthcare industry gives us greater insight into how patients search for healthcare.

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