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8th February, 2020
Healthcare marketing: Is online booking always the best option for your clients?

Online booking is no longer just a nice to have, today’s patients and clients expect it. With more and more … Read More

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14th January, 2020
Australian healthcare marketing: What you need to know to stay compliant

Marketing in the healthcare industry is tough. Not only do you need to keep up with increasing competition and market … Read More

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30th March, 2018
10 proven ways to drive more patients to your dental practice

Marketing a dental practice in today’s highly-competitive market can be tough. Despite this, demand, revenue and profit in the Australian … Read More

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21st November, 2017
Google’s mobile-first index: Is your clinic or practice ready to rank?

Last month Google announced a significant shift in indexing. Instead of ranking the desktop version of websites, they will instead … Read More

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19th October, 2017
10 content ideas for your medical practice blog

Blogging can benefit your practice in many ways. Not only can it drive traffic to your website but it can … Read More

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11th October, 2017
6 mistakes doctors make when creating a practice brochure

If you’re considering creating a new brochure for your medical practice or clinic, read on. Here are some common mistakes … Read More

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5th September, 2017
10 questions to ask before you select a medical web design agency

Selecting the right web design agency for your medical practice or healthcare clinic is critical to your online success. If … Read More

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18th August, 2017
Why Your Medical Website Needs to Move Beyond Marketing

Healthcare has been a notoriously slow adopter of digital trends. But today, medical professionals understand the importance of keeping up … Read More

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1st June, 2017
The importance of healthcare branding and how to get it right

Branding is often overlooked when it comes to medical marketing. In fact, it wasn’t always necessary.  However, building a strong … Read More

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25th March, 2017
The medical professionals guide to multicultural web content

Whilst interpreter services in Australia are highly accessible, and have been shown to improve the quality and safety of health … Read More