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Madhur Bhatia

Senior Web Developer

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Career / Background
I’m based in Melbourne and have over 18 years of software development experience with Mobile Apps (iOS and Android), Java and PHP platforms using different verticals including: ebusiness (payment gateways & in apps), ERPs, CRMs, e-learning, social networking, gaming, healthcare, the social sector and location-based services. I am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). For the past 4 years, I have been managing various web and app development projects for health and medical clients with Total Medical Design.

What I Do
I actively participate in the quoting process for each project. Once the project design is finalised, I undertake all development work along with my team and ensure that the results meet your expectations and requirements.

I am the point of contact for all technical requirements. I can guide you through the technical parts of the project and explain how we will achieve your requirements.

What I love about my role
It’s immensely gratifying to see the results of my work and to see the joy this gives to clients. My main focus is on delivering fantastic value in terms of my insights and the end result. The creative and technical process of coding and creating easy-to-use features that meet and exceed user expectations – these are the reasons I became a developer in the first place.

Personal Interests
I enjoy spending quality time with uplifting and optimistic people. I get a lot of energy from being in natural environments like the beach and also from playing with my kids. I adore seasonal flowers and enjoy putting time into my garden and seeing it thrive.

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