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Leon Fernandes

Online Marketing Consultant
& Project Manager

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Career / Background
I have over two decade’s worth of experience in web design and development and I have a diversity of experience in different aspects of web development. In the past I’ve worked predominantly within the IT, Sales and Construction industries and I also have a professional background in sales and search engine marketing.

What I Do
As a passionate and dedicated marketing consultant and project manager, I am always willing to share my knowledge with clients to help them to achieve business success. I enjoy creating well-crafted search engine marketing strategies that get results.

What I love about my role
I love working with new technologies that offer clear benefit to businesses and that save my clients time, energy and money. The ability to share these time-saving and money-saving technologies with people is a sheer joy that never gets old.

Personal Interests
I enjoy spending time gardening, staying fit and keeping fish.

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