Why Medical Businesses Need An Adwords Certified Professional

Medical practitioners and medical clinics looking to boost their online presence and traffic to their website need the assistance of a Google Adwords Certified marketing expert. That all may sound like it’s in a different language to you. So we will begin with what this certification is and why it’s vital for search engine marketing in the healthcare sector.

What is Google Adwords Certification?

Google Adwords work in close association with Pay-per-click advertising. This is where Google Adwords are bought at variable prices as a part of a paid/sponsored advertising campaign on Google. These keywords that are picked up when people type words into Google. Basically your sponsored ad appears each time a user searches in Google, however you only pay once the user clicks through to your website.  Pay-per-click ads (or PPC) also appear on other websites as sponsored ads. In both cases the sponsored ad allows the user to reach your own website or a custom-made landing page related to the advertising offer.

Why would I need Google Adwords and a PPC Campaign for my medical business website?

This technique of online advertising is effective and provides a high level of visibility while also being relatively inexpensive when compared to other methods of advertising. This is because you only pay each time someone clicks on an ad.

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Why should I use a Google Adwords Certified PPC specialist? 

A PPC expert who has achieved certification needs to go through rigorous training and then followed by ongoing training, in order for the professional to maintain a high level of knowledge of search engine marketing.

Once an individual achieves Google certification in pay per click advertising, this person is internationally recognised as upholding an exceptional standard of service delivery with a high level of competency in PPC advertising.

Therefore investing in someone who is Adwords certified ensures that you get optimal and reliable results, without taking any shortcuts that could get your website punished by Google. An Adwords certified PPC specialist understands how to find the most relevant and highly searched keywords for your campaign and balancing this against the cost per word.

Our Certified PPC specialist: Leon Fernandes

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Total Medical Design’s certified PPC specialist is Leon Fernandes who has had over ten years of experience in running successful digital marketing campaigns for dozens of clients. Along with a certified Adwords specialist, another essential part of having a great PPC campaign is the copy for the ads to go along with it.

This is where you need to have a fully integrated marketing service provider to back up your ambitious plans. Total Medical Design have a copywriter Athena Dennis on board who brings over 13 years of experience in digital marketing copywriting and who knows how to craft a terrific ad for your online healthcare website. Together Athena and Leon can put together a bespoke PPC campaign that is built to be robust and successful. They can also provide you with a complete blueprint for success.

Total Medical Design will be able to help with designing a complete PPC campaign and ensure that this runs in a completely cost-effective, economical and beneficial manner with a rapid return on investment scenario in place.