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Web Application Integration

The Healthcare industry is one of the biggest industries in today’s market. With a majority of our health service providers relying on software applications to provide critical business services.

Complex software is used for everything from customer relationships to business intelligence and supply chain management. These applications are beneficial in streamlining processes and data collection and analysis.

Unfortunately, this information gets stored in silos. Data is ported from one application to another for individual business purposes.

This is where Total Medical Design comes in! Our software developers are experts at Web Application Integration!

We can bridge gaps between different software programmes your clinic already has. This will enable your patient data to flow from one application to another, providing a single interface to manage that data flow.

Confused? Let’s focus on what benefits your clinic can reap with Web Application Integration.

What can you expect?

Single point of access to patient data

Web Application Integration can consolidate your patient data in one place. This means your employees spend less time searching for patient information and more time with your patients. It enables healthcare professionals to collaborate better and more efficiently.

Automate and get the right messages to your patients

Web Application Integration can streamline processes that include data or activity from multiple software applications.

For instance, your patient communications from CRM can be easily integrated with your email marketing platform. This will enable you to send out targeted messages to your patients based on their health information or demographics.

Easy to use interface with reduced IT complexity

With any new tech integration, the learning curve is often steep. Web application integration combines the information and functionality of several applications into a single, user-friendly interface. So, it’s easy to use and adopt in any clinic.

Explore opportunities for growth

The biggest benefit your clinic will see is increased agility in a dynamic IT environment. With all your technologies working collectively, you will find it easier to identify and respond to opportunities of growth.

So, if you want a quick and code-free solution that will streamline your clinic’s business processes, call us!

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