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Web Application Development

Globally, the healthcare industry is undertaking major technological advances. Patients are now well- informed, demanding increased accessibility to quality medical care.

This has forced the healthcare industry to dramatically transform. Health service providers are now having to optimise the services they offer, without compromising quality, affordability and meeting all regulatory demands.

Web application development is common practice in majority of the health sector. Medical practices are producing dynamic web sites combined with server side programming.

These functionalities enable practices to interact with patients, connect to back-end databases and generate results to browsers.

At Total Medical Design, our web application developers have a refined approach towards web application development.

Our experts can create custom web applications that provide an intuitive interface and a modern experience for your patients.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Web based applications (custom portals and CRMs)
  • Native mobile development
  • Health app development for Android and IOS
  • Web service and interface development
  • Database design
  • UX/UI design

Some applications that are useful for medical practices are online appointments, health blogs, online forums, reporting, billing and content management systems.

What can you expect?

Healthcare application development tailored to your practice

Our software developers have industry experience in the health sector, allowing us to take custom web and app development to a new level.

Our high-end applications promise to optimise patient experience, patient-provider communication and coordination within and between medical teams.

So, your practice can see:

  • Improved scalability
  • Improved reliability
  • Better portability
  • Enhanced accessibility

So, get value based healthcare software today! Talk to us about our comprehensive web application package to find custom solutions that are right for you.

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