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Content Strategy

Getting started with content marketing can be challenging – from researching your audience through to executing a campaign across multiple platforms. There is a lot to cover!

Often this problem lies at the door of a lack of strategy. A good strategy includes copy that is most likely to resonate with your patients and convert them into loyal customers.

Our Total Medical Design content strategists have strong industry knowledge in the health sector. We are adept at creating health-specific, tailored content that invokes an emotion with your customers.

Our experts follow five essential components to create a good content strategy.

Setting measurable goals

A good strategy has a direction that makes your clinics’ business goals.

Good goals are realistic and measurable. We attach your goals to metrics and make them time-specific so that we can determine its success.

A consistent core message across all platforms

Your clinic’s core message is what will form the heart of your content strategy. It captures the vision of your services and conveys them in your unique style.

Our content experts will identify this core message that will remain consistent across all your clinic’s distribution channels.

Identify your personas

Developing a successful strategy requires your clinic to identify and define your main target audiences.

Knowing this can mean producing more relevant and valuable content that your patients will want to read and convert on.

Your core message may be unified, but the voices of your content should be entirely different. We will work with you to create a fluid persona that engages and interacts with your different target audiences.

Customer-centric approach

Content is no longer about simply getting a backlink in place. It’s about reflecting the needs of your potential patients.

At Total Medical Design, our focus is always on your clinic’s customer! We work to produce evergreen meaningful content that continually reflects the needs of the patient.

To understand the ever-changing needs of your potential patients, we conduct health sector-specific market research that identifies what your customers are looking for and what they respond to.

Continuous Improvement

Similar to the health industry, testing is the key in any content strategy! One piece of content might be intended to generate sales, in which case you’d track KPI’s such as email sign-ups and subscriber forms. Another piece of content is targeted at promoting brand trust, and therefore you’d track social media interactions and coverage.

To determine success, we monitor all your campaigns regularly and make real-time improvements based on this feedback. This useful insight will grant a better understanding of the differences in performance between different types of content.

Testing enables us to refine your content strategy until we see the results that work for your clinic.

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