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Regulatory Conformity

Keeping our healthcare provider marketing away from legal problems

Understanding healthcare marketing and the importance of complying with pertinent laws, regulations and guidelines are a necessity in today’s healthcare industry.

Healthcare compliance penalties are costly and mostly involve incidents that breach patient data. Marketing in the medical arena is particularly tricky- with paid search to social media, we’re committed to keeping your practice compliant in an era of increasing liability.

As well as advising you on best practices, we can work with you every step of the way to ensure you avoid making any mistakes that could cost you, financially or professionally.

At Total Medical Design, our experts perform to the highest standards of ethical behaviour and utilise business practices that fully embody responsibility, integrity and trust.

Regulatory Overview

Health professionals or businesses advertising services in Australia must conform to the following:


In addition, if you sell health-related products or goods you must also comply with further legislation set out by the following regulators:


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