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Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are changing in today’s digital age. With over a billion people using mobile phones, mobile apps deliver an undeniable customer loyalty. Mobile apps offer some of the most powerful features for today’s marketing solutions.

Does it have a place in Healthcare?

Healthcare is the most under-served industry in terms of mobile app technology. One of the reasons being, great medical app ideas don’t come from marketers. They come from medical professionals like you!

Medical apps can be leveraged to improve daily life and foster positive patient outcomes. The possibilities range from collecting valuable patient data, helping patients track their health progress and providing engaging health information.

Have a medical app idea but don’t know where to begin?

Partner with our software developers at Total Medical Design to turn your healthcare app idea into a reality.

Our software designers have specislised knowledge and industry-specific experience to create a healthcare app into a fully functional and commercial product.

Our experts use a proven development and refinement process. So that you can amplify the features that truly set your app apart from the competition.

What can you expect?

Reach your patients anywhere and anytime

With a mobile app, your patients can access your clinic anywhere and at any time. This not only builds a relationship with your patients but reinforces your clinic’s brand and services.

Increase patient engagement

Customers now expect businesses to have a social media presence. The same goes for healthcare.

By integrating social features such as comments and likes, your app can help your clinic improve its social standing.

Enabling your patients to engage with your clinic and service in such a way, boosts loyalty and social interaction.

Increase your clinic’s revenue

The biggest problem patients have is appointment wait times. Often, patients are sitting in the waiting room for hours for their appointment Tackle this problem with a personalised mobile app.

For instance, an app that enables patients to make appointments on their phones and shows a real-time schedule of appointments as they take place.

This allows patients to come in and be seen just in time for their appointment, without the wait time.

At Total Medical Design, we help strategise product roadmaps and guide our clients through the entire journey, offering end-to-end expertise and services.

So, whether you are an individual medical professional or an established healthcare clinic, we want to help you!

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