5 Reasons Why Rich Media and Videos Enrich Your Healthcare Website

The ever-increasing amount of internet traffic out there comes not from reading text but from watching video. Streaming video on YouTube and other providers accounts for over 80% of web traffic nowadays! A recent Forrester Research paper showed that in terms of effectiveness, a one minute video is worth an estimated 1.8 million words.

As a healthcare professional or doctor, you have a new medium through which you can get to know patients, build rapport with them, inform and educate them about important health issues and also build up a client base. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t be left behind on video and rich media for your medical website.

1. Videos are portable and easy to for users to digest

Video is adaptable to just about any modern device from iPad to phone to PC. The fast and easily comprehended format of video allows for people to get the message in a simple and fast way that fits in with their own busy lives. In this way, if you need to explain concepts to your patients or potential new clients, then video is a much more powerful medium than text.

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2. Videos are great for SEO

Not only do human eyes enjoy video, but also website crawlers that calculate search engine rankings. Rich media such as video and audio is loved by Google. So your medical website is going to be much more findable through video search and also it may in fact rank higher than other doctor’s websites with text only.

3. Videos make a powerful first impression

They can be used on your medical website but are easily transferrable to other platforms and for other parts of your overall marketing strategy. So for example an introductory video which welcomes patients to the practice can be used on your own website, on your Linked In Profile, on Facebook and in your own corporate prospectus and sent out via e-newsletter when new clients register at the practice.

4. Videos are an easy way to qualify new clients

This is a fast and easy way for new patients to see if what your clinic offers is what they are after. Via video they can take a virtual tour of the practice and find out about the services and products that  your medical practice offers. They therefore don’t need to call up the practice and speak with your reception staff to determine if the medical clinic is what they need. They already know this from video.

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5. Videos are great for offering powerful testimonials for new clients

Testimonials from previous patients talking about treatments are incredibly valuable for medical practitioners. They act as a stamp of approval and legitimacy and contribute positively to the decision-making process for new clients.

In summary, video is a terrific way to boost your online visibility, reputation, brand identity and to qualify new clients for your medical practice. For the most comprehensive and clever approach to video production and video marketing, speak with the experts in medical and healthcare marketing, Total Medical Design today (0433 399 294)!