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Medical Style Guide

A medical style guide is a key document to have in helping your clinic communicate consistent visuals and messaging to your patients.

At Total Medical Design, our experts create your personalised style guides that address all your clinic’s marketing needs.

Our style guides are detailed! We address all your clinic’s branding elements so that you can rest assured that your patients will receive a consistent experience with you.

We provide a paper-based and online version of your style guide for your ease of access.

What can you expect?

Key elements for your logo

  • Primary Logo
  • Secondary Logos or monograms
  • Sizing, Fonts, Colours
  • Placement
  • Spacing
  • Examples of good practice use of logos

Your clinic’s unique colour scheme

Your clinic’s colour scheme has different values and settings that make it unique.

Letting software convert colours for you is not always the best option. We provide the necessary colour versions so that you can easily access these without any issues.

Your font and defining typefaces

Typefaces come in multiple weights and styles and can be manipulated in different ways. Uppercase, lowercase, bold and italics, each invokes a different feel to your marketing materials.

Our style guide will define which typefaces are used in which context and the appropriate marketing materials suited for each task.

Our medical style guide package includes examples of good practice collateral and print and web version guidelines.

Your key web elements

Your clinic’s website is usually the first medium patient’s use to find you.

It is worth your while to define how certain elements on your website should be styled so that patients have a consistent experience across all web pages.

At Total Medical Design, we don’t treat every healthcare provider the same. We understand each clinic is unique and treat you with personalised care.

Our style guides can be as in-depth as you need them to be!

So talk to us today and invest the time into having a style guide that keeps your branding and messaging consistent.

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