What Works Better, ON page Optimisation or Link Building?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is composed of two main parts: On Page Optimisation aka Onsite Optimisation and Off Page Optimisation aka Offsite Optimisation (Link Building). While both SEO techniques work differently, they are extremely beneficial in making your site search engine friendly. The two are greatly dependent on each other because Off Page SEO is only effective if On Page SEO is implemented and vice-versa. Therefore, determining which one is better is out of the question.

On Page Optimisation – This method is especially recommendable for relatively new websites and those that are still trying to gain popularity online. On Page SEO is basically making your site more appealing to search engine robots. Keyword research and analysis, use of title and meta tags, keyword density and navigational structure are some crucial on page SEO strategies. Properly optimised content is another important element of on page optimisation. Website content should be fresh, original and useful not only for search engine spiders but for human users, too. Plus, valuable and informative content helps users easily locate your website.

Off Page Optimisation – Focused on your site’s ties with other websites, this tactic is all about backlinks and link building. An inbound link is similar to a popularity vote. Thus, the more inbound links you have, the more it becomes popular. Aside from the number of links, the quality of links also greatly matter to search engines. Off page SEO or link building can be performed in many ways like article marketing/submission, directory submissions, social bookmarking and social media marketing to list some.

So what works better, on page optimisiation or link building? Again, both are equally important and should be used together to maximise search engine benefits. The key is finding a good balance between the two SEO methods since both of them work hand in hand to boost your site’s search engine rankings.