5 useful tools that your medical website should have

Here is a list of relevant features or tools that medical websites should have.

To easily grasp the features, we grouped these relevant features according to function.

1. Communication Tools – The success of medical practice leverages on the number of clients served. Being equipped with reliable communication tool will increase your exposure to clients and get more potential patients. Example of communication tool is Contact Us form, links to Social Networking Sites such as Facebook, and many more. Email marketing and newsletters might also be effective in reaching out your patients.

2. Online Appointment System – Medical service is usually done by appointment system if not emergency. Utilization of Online Appointment System is another “must have tool” in medical websites. With online scheduling, your patients could easily choose their preferred time in respect of your available schedule. Online calendar is also a good tool to remember events happened in the past or for future planning of schedule.

3. Customer Page – This section gives your clients a room for their own satisfaction. If they are satisfied with your service, they could post their comments, suggestions and even commendations of your medical practice. Survey Form and Feedback Form are the usual way of assessing a service and this can be done in the Internet through your medical website.

4. Media Documentation – Medical website is centered on giving medical service, and provision of media documentation such as compilation of videos, pictures, testimonies and news articles about your medical practice is another plus. Take advantage of those reliable and opinions of your patients and who knows, one or more patients might get encouraged by your client’s words.

5. Admin Settings – This includes all administrative functions for the site. This allows the site administrator to easily access the website platform. The administrator himself attends to answering emails and inquiries and all other administrative related functions required for maintaining the website.

With all of these tools, the website administrator should be able to update the contents of the website. Being a site owner, choosing a website that provides easy to understand content management system is one of the best things that you can do. It would be cost effective if you can update your website without needing for the help of computer geeks.