3 Indispensible Health Marketing Tools to Revolutionise Your Business

Technology is rapidly accelerating and changing beyond all recognition every few years. So the healthcare industry mustn’t only keep up, it must be at the forefront of these changes.

Doctors and medical practitioners everywhere would do well to stay on the pulse of these changes. So here’s everything you need to know about technology for marketing purposes in 2014 and beyond. It will help you to inform, persuade and inspire your key constituents.

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Human Computer Interfaces

The beloved and ubiquitous iPad has actually only been around since 2010. This was closely followed by the iPad 2, 3, 3.5, mini and so on. These touch screen devices were enormously popular. This was mirrored by the equally successful Windows 8 devices. The keyboard and mouse have become a nearly extinct add-on feature. Although they don’t look like becoming redundant anytime soon. Human-computer interfaces are the latest thing with natural and realistic integrated computers that blend the digital and real world in ever more interesting ways. Think of Google’s Project Glass, Apple’s Siri and MIT’s Project Oxygen.

This means that in healthcare, there are ever more sophisticated ways to record and store data and diagnose conditions through these intuitive interfaces. This type of technology is important for biometric sensors, geotracking and collecting patient data within a fully connected home.

Content Strategy

Although not strictly considered a technology, content strategy is vital for any healthcare organisation. It’s more like a seismic shift in healthcare marketing. For GPs and medical practitioners, content can make your business a lot more viable, valuable and visible to an online audience. The rise of content marketing is demonstrated when we look at data from Google. Research conducted showed that consumers needed on average 5.3 sources of information prior ot making a purchase in 2010. This doubled in 2011 and tripled by 2012.

The art and science of creating, managing and distributing content through cross-channel methods is going to be a big linchpin for medical businesses in 2014 and beyond. If you haven’t already initiated a comprehensive content marketing strategy, then you should get on board right away.

In terms of healthcare, there is still a conservative approach to engaging with patients and potential clients online. There are now roles created specifically for creating, managing and strategising about online content. It doesn’t need to be slow and expensive, instead it can be dynamic, targeted and effective.

The New Relationship Marketing

In the age of ubiquitous connectivity, there has become a much more urgent need to be genuine and form sustaining and long term relationships with clients. Furthermore to build a customer experience rather than simply a treatment or healthcare transaction between a doctor and patient. Although in 2014 and beyond, the movement towards meaningful engagement has become ever more prominent.

There are enormous cross-channel possibilities. Not to sell to your patients, but to inform them and provide them with treatment options and vital information that they need to make the right decisions for themselves. Although do remember that any meaningful communication should be relevant, timely, personal and genuinely valuable to them and not just to your business.

This type of relationship management that can take place in both the online and offline world will revolutionise health and wellness. It can be an important avenue for customer support and information. This can be especially valuable for chronic or serious conditions that require ongoing support and interaction.

Always remember that it’s vital to balance both customer privacy and the necessity to distribute targeted healthcare information.

The end of financial year is a brilliant time to think about reorganising and shifting focus in your healthcare business towards a much more dynamic and lean marketing strategy. For all of your healthcare marketing needs, Total Medical Design have you covered. Call us, we are here for you and can create a targeted and engaging healthcare marketing strategy to get the new financial year starting on a high note.